Interview to Gál Bálint – Men’s Physique

1) Hello Gàl, Thanks to be here, it’s the firts time we have a physique competitors here! Give us some background information about you!

Hi, thank you for the interview. I’m a 19 years old boy from Hungary, Budapest. 2013 was my first season. I’m 8 times absolute winner here in Hungary, and 2 times international absolute winner. 2013 fall my trainer said that I need to compete myself on Arnold Classic Europe Madrid 2013! J I said sure. I finished on the 2nd place. I used to swam a lot, cause my mother is a professional senior swimmer, so i started it at age 3, and left the pool at age 17. I won a few junior hungarian cup, but that wasn’t the way I wanna do. So I started K1, but i was too young, and I need to gain some weight, cause trainings there were many heavy weight guy so I need to gain muscle for them, but I stucked in the gym J

2) Why did you get involved in bodybuilding show and begin to compete? And why you decide to became a Physique men?

All my friends said when i was 17-18 that i’ve a good genetics, so I should do a hardcore diet, and stay on stage with the other bodybuilders. So first time I compete myself in 2009 (i think) on a hungarian cup, junior classic bodybuilding. I don’t feel comfortable that little thong. 😀 After I get know Robin Balogh who is an IFBB pro Physique guy, from Hungary, and we talked each other in a crazy party – afterparty where he talked about that physique category. I really liked it so i decided that I’m gonna compete myself in this category. Otherwise to be on top in bodybuilding categories we all knows what it requries. I don’t want to die under age 40, in my opinion the muscular body not worth your health.

3) Who is your myth, who inspires you in gym and like a Physique?

Kevin Levrone. He’s the best. An uncrowned king. He has many motivation videos on youtube, i grew up on them. I always read his forum, and learned from him. I wanted to look like exactly like he, but later, about age 30-40. In my category I don’t have any myth, the person who inspires the most is myself, and my goals, I wanted to be an IFBB pro guy

4) Do you do Legs? ( )

– Sure, I used to train for years two times a week, but recently I can’t wear my jeans, so I stopped it. I think it’s important but i don’t want to grow huge legs cause i hate when they rub each other. Whhha… :\ I had 67 cms thigh, now it’s just 62 cms. (On my facebook page you can find a leg day picture 😉 ) If you train your legs well, your upper body gonna grow better.

5) Tell us about your training? what workout plan worked Best For You?

– I train myself so freestyle 😀 . Sometimes I don’t know what to do, just go into the gym and thinking about my today plan during the way there. I go almost every day. I miss gym only if i’ve no time, or

learning hard for any exam. I read many post from Levrone, I started to do his plan, but today I know what type of exercises are good for me, and what I like, so I just train what I’d do.

6) Why do you love Bodybuilding?

– I don’t know, I just enjoy lookin’ good, muscle pain, and to the exercises in gym. I love beat myself every day in the gym, and I’ve many friends from it so I also enjoy the area.

7) You have a great upperbody, but your legs aren’t small…why you choose physique instead of classi Bb for example?

– I don’t like dance in thong. If I’d do bodybuilding, sure I wanna be like a fool who dances on stage, like Terry Crews and the young Flex Wheeler. Otherhand sadly in junior categories there are many crazy guy. I don’t want to take any hardcore steroids I already mentioned it why. I’m 91 kgs now, in offseason ( 85 on stage) but juniors are huge! They are animals! Respect for them, but I don’t want to look like Alexei Lesukov.

8) Which comp do you still prepare into 2014?

– I want to compete myself on Mr. Olympia – Summer – Prague. It’s not far from me and the absolute winner can win a PRO card. Now I prepare myself for winning that card and fall I’d like to debut myself in the PROs, at Arnold Classic Europe. Only that two competitions, and 2015 i want to hit a lot.

9) What are your future goals?

– I study one of the most serious university here in Hungary, called University of Corvinus Budapest. That’s the hardest economics university here in Hungary. I want to graduate, after it I’ll be a junior too, so America waits for me! 😉 If not, I’m gonna travel around Europe, but need some sponzor, cause it’s a bit expensive hobby.

10) You think the physique should have more respect from other athletes body building?

– I think physique is gonna be a wide category with many competitors. It’s already wide! 54 competitors on Arnold, just in my category, under 179 cms. Here in Hungary I’ve many bodybuilder friend, and they respect my category fully, just as I respect them. Here it’s not a problem J. Only few badass says things wrong, but they all inefficient or jealous.

11) How you discover the bodybuilding world when you was at begin?

– I had a good trainer, called Zoltán Corwyn, he was my exemplar. I used to train with him for a year and he shows me tips and tricks and the all bodybuilding word. I really loved this man.

12) Do you think it would be good to have in the regulation of your routine a class or something that puts more emphasis in your category?

– In my category the biggest problem is that nobody knows who is the right person to win. Everybody says that it’s not a bodybuilding category, but in America there are 90kgs stage weight competitors, and here in Europe 85 is pretty much and big. If you check my class at Arnold, Ryan Terry won, but he has the same back as a bodybuilder. The 3rd place, a spanish guy the day before MP category, he finished 5th place in classic bodybuilding. What is the point so? I was dryer than the 1st place, and i’ve bigger shoulders, arms, and better ABS. Nobody can say who is the real winner, only that Ryan is a well known person that put him to the 1st place. I deal with it, cause he much older than me, and he worked harder for the PRO card than me. That was my first year in the competitor sector.

13) Do you think this is the future of bodybuilding?

– Sadly yes, cause everybody lives in a running life, nobody have time to grow and train a lot and this category is the type of what an average men think’s that he can reach. So bodybuilders are running out, and Physique – aesthetics , ripped guys comes to the foreground. I don’t deal with it, cause my myth is Kevin, who is a true bodybuilder, but now i’m just a MP player. So if somebody starring at me, he wanted to be like me, he stays under class, and what’s he gonna be?

14) like to add something else before closing quests interview? want to thank someone?

– I want to thank you all helps for my family, Gál László my brother who always said that i can’t that’s the biggest motivation for me, Dr. Gál László my father and my main sponsor at the same time, and Szegő Ágnes, the best mother I ever heard about! Last but not least for my love Dömötör Diána, who accompany me every important time, and held the soul in me, made my foods, and the best training partner I ever worked with. She gave me the biggest motivation, without her I’d be nothing now. After my last competition Arnold Classic, Biotech started sponzoring me, now I eat their dietary supplements, and they making me a star at homeland. It’s important, cause on stage we hear every shouts, we feel every eyes on us, motivating us to do our best! Thank you all, who ever wanted me to be a champion, I’m gonna be, nobody can stop me!