Interview to Krasimir Sarafov – Bulgarian Super heavy weithgt champ

Hello Mr Sarafov, here the questions for you, thanks for your time:

Q : Thanks to be here champ, let’s us introduce you to those who do not know you yet and are visiting Culturismo Italiano, please.  

R: Hello to all, my name is Krasimir Sarafov.I am 36 years old.I am from BG.I am a heavy-weght competitor in IFBB.I have been training for 15 years and more intensify the last 4 years.

Q: what’ are your stats? 

R: My Weight-120-122 (130-135 off season) – height -190cm – biceps -55cm – waist -90cm.
Q: How you decide to go on stage?’s a natural consequence about traning with weights or someone see you potentials and push you to compete?  

R: I use to be Arnold’s fan before I started to train when i was young.I dreamed to be a bodibuilder even then.

Q : A little history of your succes during your bodybuilding years? 
R: I started to compete-2001 and i stoped-2004. It’s very hard for me to be on a diet. My results weren’t very good. In this season my the best achieverment were-3 bronze medals. These reasones and the lack of sponsor ship have demotivated me and i had to give up my favorite sport. I got a financial support in 2008 and i decided to part – national competition.I came second.Then i was-110kg.In 2009 i was 116kg but i came fourth.In 2010 i was 115-117kg and i won all competitions in BG.In 2011 i was 118 kg and i came absolute champion.I was invited-ARNOLD CLASSIC EUROPE.I didn’t come. This year i am 120-122kg.I came absolute champion in BG,second-Balkan Championship and fourth-Europian Championship.

  Q: Let’s begin to talk about your workouts. How long do you train? And how do you train?  

I train for an hour.I try to train with very short breaks between the series.I train for two days and the next day i do cardio. I trained using heavy weights before but now i do high-intensity session.
 Q: What do you think the biggest mistake people make when it comes to train ?

  R: They are in a lot.They haven’t got time.They do weight training and they expect big results(effect).

Q: Can you tell us about your diet, supplements routine? And how much the right nutrition is really important for you, for build muscles? 

R:My diet is follows 4 days a lot of carbohidrate. 150 gr.and 2 days charge 300and 500gr.tha day with low carbohydrate i am eat 100gr.oatmeal 100gr.Vitargo- afther training. Other menu consists 1.5 kg.veal meat 20.30 eggs ,vegetables, olive oil, olives, penuts butter, nuts. Tha day for charge I eat oatmeal, rice, potatoes, dried fruits, veal meat, chicken meat eggs.  

Q: During the final week before a show how do you usually adjust your nutrition and training to ensure you peak to perfection?  

R: 10 days before the competition i am start 6 days retocarb,a lot red meat,lot of omega 3,3 days before comlitition i am powered with carbohidrates,last night before complitition afford to eat franch fries. This 3 days i am stop to training. 30 days before comp. i am training in this program: first day. morning i am training chest,shoulder ,triceps ,biceps. In the evening, hips calves. second day morning I am training chest, and evening rear hips,calves. 3 day morning one hour cardio, evening one hour cardio. 4 day repeat the cycle.  

Q: We know you was and are a really huge bodybuilder you’ve always dreamed of being so huge, or at the beginning you never imagined to get this result? 

R: when i start to train 1996yr. i was 70kg.up 1.90. after one year train i was been 95kg. Myfirst goal was to reach 40 cm. of biceps after i have 44,50 cm now i wont a lot..:)) and i wont to be one day very big man…and i belived that one day i will be…
Q: If you had the opportunity to change only one thing in the sport of bodybuilding in order to make it even more well-known to the public what would it be and why? 

R: Uhmmm…I think if there are no categories as European Championships become annoying for viewers, but this applies to all sports. Challenge as Mr.Olympia was interesting for me, but its hard difficult to place in amateur competition  

Q: What is the bodybuilding, for you?  

R: its my way of life.

 Q: Tell us how the bodybuilding is in your country? They love that sport?  

Many people in Bulgaria train, but a litle competitions , may be at financial problem in bg. but it is fashionable muscular boys in my country .  

Q:What is your advice for the younger bodybuilder who looks up to you?

 Must believe in your dreams. Man is great as there are big dreams. My dreams come true to some extent.  

Q: What are your future goals? When came back on stage and where? 

  Its main purpose the 2013 European Championship.

  Q: You compete at the IFBB European Champ 2012., right?What do you think about the resaults? Do you are happy with the verdict?
 I spoke only my category. Its only my opinion.I liked as a balance black athlete but he was not ready for this race. Russian was their first.My goal for this race was in the top 6.I think I should be in Top 3…Competition before me have a huge belly..:) but……  

Q: During your career in Bodybuilding, did your family support you, incourage you on? 

Always supported me before and now too.  

Q: do you have 36 old right? You think you can be a PRO?  

R: In Bulgaria is difficult to be PRO particularly in serious category. but anything is possible.And I will fight to the end!  

Q Was there an episode in your life, tied to Bodybuilding, that gave you a great satisfaction? If yes, can you tell us about it?  

R: Each title I won is my very great pleasure for me. So that’s my best episode, win on stage 🙂  

Q: What do you do away from Bodybuilding? 

  R: I am playing football center forward and avery game i have a goal.  

Q: Do you do bodybuilding for work or you have another work? Or you work is the bodybuilding?  

R: I work as manager of sports activities in one town near here.  

Q: What motivate you to be the best on stage?  

R: the best bodybuilders of the world motivate me to be the best one!

Q: If you could train with anyone past or present who would it be?


Q: Mr Sarafov what are the funniest responses people give you when they see someone as huge and shredded like you walk down the streets?  

R: Lol the best is:” what you eat? You soo big man …!”

 Q: What are your stats and measures and top records into squat, bench and deadlift?  

In my early years trying to big weights i ‘ll make bench pres 240kg. Now i am insist on high intensity. 


Q: Mr Sarafov it has been a pleasure to have you here. You’re a well rounded, talented, hardcore machine. In closing who would you like to thank?  

R: thanks, my family my friends anyone who support me,construction company EUROBUILD my club MUSCLE ART my bodybuilding coach and big friend world Champion IFBB Dimitar Dimitrov and all who believed me

  Q: There some message you want to comunicate for our readers for do their best into bodybuilding? R: I wont tell them: “training hard and to follow dreams!”  

Thank you very much for spending some time with us through this interview!  

Thanks to you!


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